Getting started with 1729

Set up Metamask, register an ENS name, and complete your first task.

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Getting started with 1729

1729 is the first newsletter that pays you, a daily feed of Bitcoin bounties for paid tasks and tutorials. To get started, we'll walk you through setting up a decentralized crypto profile, like yourname.eth, that enables you to learn and earn at and other sites.

We'll begin in testnet mode, to just use play money and learn the ropes. When you're ready, you can switch over to mainnet mode to register a real ENS name and start earning crypto for real.

Let's get started.

Testnet setup

Step 1: Install Metamask

Metamask is an Ethereum wallet that you'll need to log into 1729 and earn crypto.

First, install Metamask for desktop as a Chrome extension. Here's how that process looks. Make sure to pin it in Google Chrome after you install it. And keep your password and passphrase safe!

Now you can earn your very first cryptocredential, by verifying that you have MetaMask installed! We use cryptocredentials to track your progress across tutorials and qualify you for new tasks. Just use the widget below.

Second, install Metamask for mobile using the iOS or Android links. Here's how that process looks.

Third, sync the mobile wallet with the desktop wallet as shown below:

Step 2: Register testnet ENS name

As you can read about here, Ethereum has a main network and several test networks that go by different names. The test networks are for what they sound like: testing things out.

We're going to walk you through the process of registering an Ethereum Name System (ENS) name on the Ropsten test network, like yourname.eth. An ENS name is like a combination of a username ( and a domain name ( It's the basis for what we call a cryptoprofile, a portable identity that you can use to login to 1729 and other sites.

The first step in getting a testnet ENS name is to switch your Metamask to Ropsten Test Network, as shown below:

Then register a testnet name with our embedded widget!

At this point you can try your first task by skipping to the bottom of this article, or continue to set up a mainnet name.

Mainnet setup

Now we'll get you a real ENS name on mainnet, so you can earn real crypto for completing tasks. We assume you've gotten Metamask set up from before.

Step 3: Get ETH

You'll need about $10-20 of ETH to register your first ENS domain name. There are two quick ways to do this.

First, you can try using Wyre's built-in buy functionality within Metamask, as shown below. However, this doesn't support many US states and countries including California, New York, and Texas.

You can also try buying ETH at an exchange like Coinbase, Kraken, or Binance and then sending that into your Metamask wallet. Here's how that looks for sending from Coinbase.

Step 4: Register mainnet ENS name

Now register a mainnet ENS name at, like yourname.eth. You'll spend some of the ETH you just acquired to register this name. Note that if fees are high, you may want to wait before doing this.


At this point you've set up Metamask, you understand testnet vs mainnet, and you've gotten an ENS name on testnet (and maybe mainnet). You've also interacted with 1729 widgets, and are capable of completing both testnet and mainnet tasks.

Now go try your first task here!

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