Community Newsletter 004

Welcome to 1729's weekly community newsletter for the week of April 10, 2022.

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Meeting Recap

Last week's meeting featured two lightning talks:

  • An overview of a new testing and credentialing system, by jyotirmai#0429. Here's a link to the app for 1729ers to try it out. You'll need a Solana wallet, and when you're done you can fill out this feedback form.
  • "Composable Community," by jonstokes#1729. The slide deck is here, and there will be an article forthcoming based on the talk, so keep an eye on #lectures for the link.


You may have noticed that this week's newsletter skipped a number and went straight from 002 to 004. That was done to align the newsletter number, which is now going out on Fridays, to the number of the most recent lecture.

There's a new thread for NFT-based royalty splits: writers => 1729w NFTs. This is headed up by neodaoist#2032 and is focused on the writer and public-facing newsletter NFTs mentioned in previous updates. If you want to contribute to this effort, please check in there.

There's a new video interviews effort underway, where we'll be asking 1729ers to upload a brief video interview introducing themselves to staff and the community. So check the thread for this in #lectures if you want to get involved in coming up with a flow for this.

The first six-week 1729 Writer's Cohort is now a wrap, and here's an overview of the effort. Congrats to all the


  • Sydney: Friday 29th April @12pm, hosted by simonep#8831.

Member Spotlight

  • The 1729 Writer's Group Winner 🏆 is MattHarder#4114 for the above-linked essay summarizing the first writer's cohort.

Calls to Action

We're clearly going to need to reboot the CTA effort in a way that has some incentives. There's probably something like a DOA bounty board that merits experimenting with, and in fact, some 1729ers are working on such boards. But for now, we'll mostly use this section to highlight needs we're aware of even if they're not in the official CTA form.

  • Please try out jyotirmai#0429's credential app and give feedback. (Links above in the meeting recap section).
  • Weigh in on the #lectures => Video Interviews thread with any thoughts on the tech stack for this effort.
  • If you're working on NFTs and issues of access and identity, check out #lectures => POAP gated content and #lectures => 1729w NFTs for discussion of how we're trying to experiment with that at 1729. There's also some related discussion in #lectures to review, as well.