The Billion User Table

The login is the gateway to the internet. And it’s about to get decentralized.

Learn to Make a Kaboom Game on Replit

Make a game using Kaboom on Replit. Earn $100-$1000 in BTC if your game is good.

Voluntary Governments

Blockchain technologies enable new forms of social organization, and this has important implications for nation states.

Book Review: Indistractable

Review the book Indistractable. Good tweet-length reviews earn $10, longer reviews earn $100.

Crypto for People Who Don't Follow Crypto

A normie-friendly, buzzword-free argument for why crypto will change the world.

The 2021 Crypto Crystal Ball: Halftime Edition

Founders and investors tried predicting the year in crypto at the end of 2020. How did they do?

The ABCs of DAOs

How decentralized autonomous organizations are automating the corporation.

Crypto Sci-Hub and the Decentralization of Science

Crowdsource tools for open science. Best 100 earn $10 each in ETH.

Learn to Make a Discord Bot with Replit

Create a chatbot with a few lines of code. Earn $100-$1000 in Bitcoin if your bot is good.

The Location Stack

Find jurisdictions for technological progressives. Best ten submissions earn $100 in BTC.

Proof-of-Workout: Good Habit Formation Edition

Earn $10 in BTC for posting a proof-of-workout and telling us how you're making fitness a habit.

Earn $1000 for Learning DeFi on Solana

Help teach developers how to build DeFi apps on Solana. The best tutorials earn $1000 in USDC-SPL.

The Network Union

The network union is the antecedent of the network state: a social network with a blockchain, a leader, and a purpose.

Create Afrofuturist Art for Bitcoin

Create Afrofuturist art showing a better future. Ten best submissions earn $100 in BTC, and will be featured as NFTs.

Founding vs Inheriting

You can found an institution, or you can inherit it.

The Start Of Startup Cities

Miami demonstrates that the era of startup cities is now underway.

Earn $100 in BTC for Learning Replit

Do the Replit data science tutorial and set up a Spotlight page. Ten best pages earn $100 in BTC.

Earn $100 in ETH for Learning Solidity with CryptoZombies

Earn $100 in ETH for strong solutions to the first five lessons of CryptoZombies.

Earn $250 for Learning ENS

Register an ENS name and tweet about it. 20 best threads get $250 in ETH.

Tweet an Invention Worthy of BoredElonMusk

Earn $100 in BTC if we select your tweet on a funny invention.

Proof-of-Workout: Fitness Dashboard Edition

Earn $10 in BTC for posting a proof-of-workout with a screenshot from a fitness dashboard.

$3000 in BTC for video memes on Indian crypto

Help connect the billion-person Indian economy to the trillion-dollar cryptoeconomy.

Quantum computing and proof-of-memory

Learn quantum computing and maintain your memory for a month to earn $100 in BTC.

How to Start a New Country

The network state is built cloud first, land last. Rather than starting with the physical territory, we begin with a digital community.

Refer Task Sponsors

Find a friend willing to fund a task. We’ll give you $1000 in BTC if it goes live.

Decentralized Task Creation

Write a task yourself. Submit it for funding. Earn $100 in BTC if it's selected.

The Ascending World

Earn $25 in BTC for striking examples of the ascending world.


Earn $10 in BTC for posting a proof-of-workout. Build a community of people into quantified self and transhumanism.

Learn Basic Elixir with Exercism

Earn $100 in BTC for completing three Elixir problems in Exercism.

A Newsletter That Pays You to Make Newsletters

Set up a newsletter at your own domain. Write about topics like reversing aging. Earn $100 in BTC if your site is chosen.

A Newsletter That Pays You

Earn crypto for completing tasks and tutorials. Join a community of technological progressives.