About the Task Feed

The 1729 task feed is composed of paid tasks and tutorials. Learn skills, and earn crypto while you do so.

What's the Network State?

Excellent question. Read the book. We want to start a new country, cloud first.

What's a task feed?

It's a feed where you learn a skill, get a portable badge called a cryptocredential, and then do a paid task. Think of it like a combination of Twitter and Earn.com/Coinbase Earn. Each day's task builds your skills and earns you some crypto.

How does payment work?

We pay users in crypto for task completion. For example, earn $1000 in BTC for doing a video, or $50 for a meme. By default we pay in BTC, but we may also be able to pay in other cryptocurrencies if you so desire.

What kinds of tasks are in the feed?

Here are some examples.

As you can see, some tasks require other tasks to be done first, while others can be done in isolation.

How do I get started?

Just start doing a few tasks!

What's the overall vision?

Our initial goal is to build a network union, a community of people with shared values and skills that are helpful to building the Network State. As we gain more people with more skills, we seek to bootstrap a genuine cryptoeconomy, where people around the world complete tasks for cryptocurrency.

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