The Network State

A lecture series in virtual reality

Our goal is not merely to describe what a network state looks like but to actually build the first one, an open source project we're calling 1729.

If you are interested in mathematics, cryptocurrencies, seasteading, transhumanism, space travel, life extension, and initially-crazy-seeming-but-technologically-feasible ideas, you should enjoy this.

Just a few years ago it was considered impossible to start a new global currency. Now anyone can do it from a laptop. We are looking for the kinds of people who are interested in extending the ideas behind cryptocurrencies to cryptocountries.

Lectures are at apply now ).

Lecture Date
Summary (essay, slides)
The Network State (essay, slides)
The Ledger of Record (slides)
Optimalism I (slides)
Optimalism II (slides)
Regulation is Information (slides)
Algorithmic Fact Checking (slides)
How We Build The Network State (slides)
Halftime Review (slides)
Decentralized Collaboration (slides, The Network State)
Cryptouniversity to Cryptoeconomy
The City in the Cloud
Decentralized Defense
The Tech Tree
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